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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Could retired police help out NOTL bylaw officers?

Dear editor:

Having lived in NOTL for 31 years, which included 23 years as the owner/operator of Linden House B&B, we were perplexed to read in the last two Lake Reports about the problems being faced by our bylaw officers, who have taken on a thankless job, (“Bylaw officers harassed for enforcing restrictions,” April 15 and “Town offers tourists masks, places staff at parks,” April 8).

In our B&B years we had wonderful guests who have become friends and still call us to meet them for lunch or dinner when they are coming to town for the theatre – although we have missed them for a couple of years now.

When we thought about the problem the bylaw officers are facing and the time delays when calling the police for back-up, the idea occurred that surely within our four villages there could be Region of Niagara police or even retired police living.

We wondered if one could be “on-call” during the weekends in the busy tourist season should the local bylaw people need assistance.  

The response time would be much less – 10 or 15 minutes to the Old Town. This is just a suggestion. After all, a large portion of our taxes go to policing.

It is too bad that visitors want to come to our town but don't want to follow the pandemic requirements.  

It seems as though this situation has brought out the worst in some people.

Elaine and Phil Landray