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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Letter: from Niagara Health urges community to pull together

Dear editor:

The following open letter from Niagara Health leaders was addressed to Niagara residents. It is co-signed and supported by more than 70 other leaders across the region, including politicians, civil servants, doctors and community service organizations.

Now more than ever we are #InItTogether and need to support one another as we fight through the third wave of this dreadful pandemic.

We’ve vaccinated more than 24 per cent of Niagara’s residents, beginning with those in the highest risk populations. More than 125,000 doses have been administered in our community and the number of COVID-19 vaccinations increases each day by the thousands. 

At the same time, however, there is reason for concern. Niagara Health is experiencing unprecedented pressures and is asking for your help to protect capacity for life-saving critical care and other patient services. This is also the case for hospitals across the province and beyond. 

Let’s remember the more than 380 people who contracted COVID-19 and died, along with their loved ones who are grieving these terrible losses. There are now 2,000 active cases in our community, a number that’s been growing at a concerning rate over the past number of weeks.

There have been so many challenges thrown our way over the past 14 months. We know people are hurting and we know you are frustrated.

Now more than ever we need to support one another. Follow public health guidelines – masking, physical distancing, handwashing and keeping contact with members of your household only. Support local businesses – stores, restaurants, wineries and other merchants. And be kind.

We are #InItTogether.

Bunny Alexander
Chair, board of directors
Lynn Guerriero, president 
Dr. Johan Viljoen, chief of staff
Niagara Health