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May. 8, 2021 | Saturday
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Letter: Canada not taking lockdown seriously enough

Dear editor:

Consider the events of the past two weeks and it's becoming crystal clear that we are far from our final lockdowns here in Canada.

There is a total breakdown and blatant disregard for the provincial shutdown guidelines, as is evident with the anti-mask and anti-vaxxer protest events across the country, including St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Peterborough, etc.

The people in this COVID spreader crowd are among the most vocal against the lockdowns. A few, but not all, participants were ticketed. But let's close the golf courses instead.

Furthermore, the ski crowd at Whistler is credited with the highest concentration of the Brazilian variant outside of Brazil itself. How long before it hits Ontario?

There is no downside to ignoring the guidelines, you have the police on your side. Thirty Ontario police departments declared they would not enforce the new guidelines, which Doug Ford quickly rescinded.

International flights continue to bring the virus into the country. The international arrivals board at Pearson International Airport speaks volumes about the crisis.

Canada is just not serious about solving the outbreak. We are all talk, no hardball directives with consequences. It could be an election year, so all decisions are political. The inmates are in control of the prison.

Canada is seen as a joke worldwide. Recent newspaper reports in the U.K. and Australia say as much. Federal Procurement Minister Anita Anand should have been fired.

An article in the Washington Post details why Doug Ford was, and is, unfit to be premier of Ontario. 

Locally, we have tourists riding bicycles and pushing baby buggies over the first green at the golf course . Cars driving on the grass right up to the barbecue tables around the McFarland House, plus parking on the grass beside the pedestrian / bike paths along the Parkway.

No need to use the paid parking – and again no ticketing the bad actors. It's open season .

It's a sad state of affairs as people flout the rules with impunity while caseloads growing exponentially and keep us in a constant state of revolving lockdowns.

On the brighter and more humorous side however – "Just three more lockdowns to Christmas."

Samuel Young