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Friday, December 9, 2022
Letter: Anne St. raceway needs stop signs installed

Dear editor:

When Richard West expressed his views about unnecessary sidewalks on Anne Street in the April 15 issue of The Lake Report, (“Is new sidewalk essential or ‘nice to have’?”), I couldn't help but surmise, “They are installing sidewalks instead of stop signs.”

My wife and I brought this to the attention of Lord Mayor Betty Disero a couple of years ago when Anne Street became a raceway between Mississauga and King streets. It still is, evermore so.

Although four-way stops exist on other streets surrounding the area, there are none on Anne Street in spite of children, dog walkers, walkers without dogs, joggers, and bicyclists, not to mention the occasional skunk, possum, fox, coyote, etc.

We were told a traffic study was being done, although our suggestion of just walking on Anne Street and observing, thus saving the inspection money and time, was evidentially poo-pooed, because nothing ever happened to my knowledge.

I still want stop signs erected before someone or something gets killed – remember the dogs and wildlife.

I am not against sidewalks – they keep you out of the street, but sidewalks AND stop signs would be a win-win.

I understand the point Mr. West is making, but this is a major problem area awaiting a disaster, especially with the Anne Street population being at an all time high due to all the newly built and now-inhabited townhomes on both sides of the street.

Mark and Charlene Thellmann