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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Editorial: State of the town is a helpful tool for residents

The NOTL Chamber of Commerce, Lord Mayor Betty Disero and chief administrative officer Marnie Cluckie last week held their first state of the town address, to fill residents in on some of the municipal happenings affecting our town and residents.

The event is planned to be annual from here on and that deserves a kudos.

While most of the issues addressed are covered by The Lake Report and some other media outlets, these meetings are an important tool in keeping residents engaged and aware about what’s going on in our little town.

Congratulations to all involved for planning and hosting the event.

It’s evident by the many questions that came in during the meeting that our residents are engaged and curious about matters that affect them, so also let's acknowldege the people who watched it.

While it might seem trivial to some, having regular contact with our elected officials is important.

Disero, through her Coffee with the Lord Mayor sessions and quickness to pick up the phone to respond to locals who have concerns, is already doing a great job at being available.

An encompassing state of the town meeting is a new level of information for people.

It shouldn’t be understated how important that information is. Information is the reason The Lake Report even exists.

So we know first-hand just how much people want to know about what is happening in their town.

Here’s hoping, as chamber president Eduardo Lafforgue said during the event, that next year we’ll be able to do it in person over breakfast or dinner.