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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: ???????Banning park BBQs a sign of NOTL’s ‘exclusive’ attitude

Dear editor:

Throughout this pandemic, we have been told we are in this together. I feel as though that does not apply to NOTL.

The town's plan to ban outdoor barbecues in parks is ridiculous. In a time where are confined to our homes with not many options, park barbecues should be the least of the town's worries. And they are an amazing option be outside.

As residents of NOTL, we take great pleasure in heading out to one of our beautiful parks, with our children and friends. It is the most quality outdoor time for us all.

Bringing a small charcoal barbecue allows us to enjoy the afternoon and not have to hurry home for supper or lunch. I have never seen any one complain about smoke or how this can even disturb others.

And honestly a small barbecue in the park means less work for the one packing and making food. Because we should all enjoy the day.

We are becoming a town that wants to be exclusive. The sense of community is being lost. Seems some of us are more concerned with our own backyards being affected.

We should want to be inviting and share what we have. This town is beautiful. Seeing our parks full of people, enjoying time together, should bring us joy.

What better thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? We should wish this for our town, especially in the times we are in. This new bylaw make us unattractive as a town. I worry often enough who is going to come and complain to us, as everyone is the police these days.

I may be missing something here, but I don’t not understand why council, along with the mayor, have put time and effort into this topic.

We are in this together.

Sophia Vollmer