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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: Why opt for vaccine only 62% effective?

Dear editor:

I would like to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Just how do you explain purchasing a vaccine that is less expensive than the other vaccines, but is only 62 per cent effective and not effective against the South African variant?

What the heck are you doing to our country? It just gets more and more idiotic every day. I am not a chemist or a doctor, but I do have enough intelligence to realize this is not a solution to your previous mistakes in ordering enough high-quality vaccines that work.

If AstraZeneca is not effective and requires two to three shots, what will that do to the costs to our medical system and our economy if you use a non-effective vaccine?

There are countries that refuse to use this vaccine. With your decision to acquire an ineffective vaccine, I have to ask why would anyone consider you as a qualified leader of our country?

You are making one of your biggest mistakes as prime minister, only this time you are playing with the lives of the Canadian public. You had an earlier vaccine that is 95 per cent effective and now to reduce costs (initially) you are buying this ineffective vaccine for the rest of us.

Mister Prime Minister, is this your idea of how to stop this pandemic or Is this decision just a move to obtain a vaccine to make you look like you have solved the problem of supply before you call a spring election?

When people receiving this vaccine realize it is only 62 per cent effective, isn’t effective against the South African variant and the government of South Africa rejected this vaccine, your solution will backfire on you come election time.

Tom Thornton