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Monday, September 26, 2022
Letter: A great community in which to live

Dear editor:

Being almost snowed in on Tuesday, I was pecking away on my keyboard and kept hearing motor noises.

They were quite close but I didn't see anything on the road.

Then, one of those “new-fangled” small home tractors appeared right on my driveway – and magically it was cleared of snow.

One of the lovely aspects of life in the countryside is that neighbours from far and wide pitch in and help out as help is needed.

We, my wife and I (she passed away four years ago), settled here in NOTL on Concession 2 almost 15 years ago and in that first winter, too, our driveway was magically cleared of snow. And it has happened every winter since.

There is no finer community spirit. Now, at age 80, I am more appreciative than ever.

Thank you, neighbours.

Kaspar Pold