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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Call CAA, use flares when you have car trouble

Dear editor:

I was alarmed to read your story about the crash on Christmas Day that almost claimed the lives of several people, “Virgil father healing up after serious Christmas Day collision,” Jan. 7. 

I was deeply relieved that everyone survived.  

I hope that I'm not the only one whose takeaway from this story was that you must always call CAA (or other emergency service) for roadside issues.

If that isn't financially viable for you, then try to invest in some roadside flares or lights, so that you are easily seen. 

I know this might be obvious, but it just startles me how few people have an emergency kit in their car. Especially in winter.

“Stay home, Stay safe” has multiple benefits these days.

Best wishes, 

Bea Campbell