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Letter: Santa Around The Town parade kept tradition alive despite COVID

Dear editor:

Our family would like to thank the NOTL Christmas parade committee for keeping the Christmas spirit alive amid the COVID-19 pandemic and in a way that kept us safe from the virus that large crowds could easily spread. 

Santa Around The Town stopped at my sister's rural driveway on Concession 2 and we, with our granddaughter and extended family, were able, while distanced, to continue to be part of a many decade long tradition to either to be part of the parade or to enjoy it as spectators.

Santa (was that Ward Simpson?) and his elves (town staff) deserve our appreciation for what started in Glendale as a three-hour tour and ended up in Virgil likely six-plus hours later into the dark. 

Santa was atop a wide-open sleigh and was a real champ in the frigid, windy weather that was whipping over the vineyards. Being from the North Pole it must have been easy (not) for him.

Thanks to those who created an app that made it much easier for us, the more timid icewine veteran spectators, to arrive at the end of the driveway just a few minutes ahead of Santa's arrival. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all please stay safe, Cheers!

Jamie and Connie Slingerland

Rural NOTL

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