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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Letter: What’s the harm in opening Parks Canada rink?

Dear editor:

I just read The Lake Report's story that Parks Canada is not allowing the skating rink to be open this winter.

I understand why, but I don’t.

This is an outdoor rink. If some outside benches were allowed to put on skates, what is the problem? You are outside.

Children and families need places to go especially when everything inside is closed. I can understand not renting skates out but many people have their own skates.

How can you allow the fort to remain open, the visitor centre and gift shop, most heritage buildings, the public washrooms and historical grounds to be available to visit when you don’t allow a totally outside skating rink to be open?

Also private guided tours with reservation for up to nine participants? Are you going to stop kids from toboganning down the hills also?

People's mental health is something to think about as well. Taking away an outside activity during our long winters is not acceptable, especially when the fort and other activities within it remain open.


Elaine McCaughey

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