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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Letter: No bylaw officers at large protest

The following letter was sent to Lord Mayor Betty Disero on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, the “anti-horse brigade” was out with more than 30 people.

May I remind you that Premier Doug Ford has restricted the sizes of large gatherings, yet these people were allowed to walk about, block the roads, etc., and many did not wear masks.

Where were the town’s bylaw enforcement officers?  I had to personally call 911 and get the police involved as your council and town hall did nothing.

I asked some of the protesters why no mask? Their answer was “Don’t be stupid. We are outside!” When questioned about large group gatherings they said nothing, but shoved a microphone in my face and shouted “No more horse-drawn carriages.”

I would very much like a reply today. Our shops’ sales are being affected, children are crying in fear. Police can’t act without bylaw there but they weren’t around or were hiding as I suddenly could not find any when people were out protesting.

Simon Bentall


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