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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Letter: Let’s make NOTL patios permanent

Dear editor:

It has long been established that the human race is attracted to two particular traits, namely: People watching (in malls, pedestrian street traffic, etc.) and watching fires.

The former has become a local forum for our residents and visitors alike thanks to our restaurant patios. 

This has added another positive, unique experience to the NOTL scene.

Accordingly, as we transition away from the patio dining experience, due to our inclement Canadian weather conditions, I sense there is strong resident support to make the patios a permanent fixture at participating restaurants and bars.

It is incumbent therefore on our elected officials to review our bylaws and provincial regulations to effect this change, at the same time to fashion standards for the construction, lighting, plant arrangements, etc. to add a little more pizzazz and permanency to the look, perhaps wrought iron railings.

Finally, I would be interested in soliciting the restaurant owners' and other residents' feelings about the patio experience during the pandemic and their views on making them a permanent fixture to complement the NOTL culture.

Samuel Young


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