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Saturday, August 13, 2022
Letter: Moving carriages is a victory for protesters

Dear editor:

Our tiny not-so-perfect Lord Mayor and the Eight Dwarfs have moved the iconic horse and carriages, and their historic, longtime tax-paying owners, from their longstanding location at the corner of King and Queen streets, where untold numbers of tourists have taken pictures that now form family memories.

The move, one block north and out of a high-traffic area on weekends, is seriously hindering the carriages' customer base. 

So the protesters were handed partial victory and encouragement. Of course, this never occurred to the decision-makers.

However, perhaps the move is Machiavellian, as the protesters might follow In to the residential area of our wonderful Old Town and residents can witness their presence and antics without leaving their homes.

And the parishioners of St. Mark's will be inconvenienced and the groundswell of complaints will rise to a level where they cannot be ignored. 

A brilliant manoeuvre! 

An added benefit will be the disruption of peace and quiet for AirBnB renters who will leave and never return. Two birds — one stone.

In the meantime, bring on the election, or resignations, the broom and air freshener.

William Cochrane Sr.