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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Letter: Wellness committee welcomes on-demand transit to NOTL

Dear editor:

NOTL's Community Wellness Committee wholeheartedly supports the implementation of the on-demand transit pilot program in Niagara-on-the-Lake, as announced by the town on Sept. 3.

This new system will provide a necessary service to many NOTL residents, allowing greater flexibility in transportation and mobility options by letting residents select from pre-defined pick-up and destination locations throughout the town.

The development of this program was one of the Community Wellness Committee’s recommendations included in a report approved by council in January 2020. 

The committee understands that, given the partnership with the Niagara Region and important implementation, operational and financial considerations, this service will not begin operating until November 2020, pending regional council’s amendment of its contract with the service provider, and that initially, it will only serve the residents of Old Town, Virgil and the Glendale corridor.

We eagerly anticipate the expansion of this service to St. Davids, Queenston and the rural areas and to inter-municipal transit options as early as possible in 2021. 

As with any other municipally provided program or service that is used by the public, it is important for as many residents as possible to utilize it in order for it to be sustainable over the long term. As the old saying goes, “Use it or lose it.” 

For the new on-demand transit program to remain in town and be a valuable service, it is particularly important for as many residents as possible to take advantage of it as soon as it is implemented. 

It is also important for residents to know that there are alternative transportation solutions for residents, such as Niagara Specialized Transit for eligible residents who may have a disability (niagararegion.ca/transit/nst/default.aspx), Community Transport Group (https://ctgcanada.ca), individual taxi and Uber services.

The Community Wellness Committee supports town council and staff in their implementation of as many of our recommendations as possible, as outlined in our report of recommendations, approved by town council in January 2020. For more information about our report, please visit notl.org/content/council-business.

Thank you. 

Cindy Grant


Community Wellness Committee

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