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Monday, March 20, 2023
Letter: Scams callers just keep on dialling my number

The author sent this letter to his telephone provider, Freedom Mobile. He suspects these are computer-generated scam calls and wants other NOTL residents to be aware.

Dear sirs:

I am a Freedom customer. I have, over the past several days, received calls from the following numbers: 289-326-2394, 289-501-3720, 289-248-7154, 289-501-4359 and 289-501-5805.

I do not know any of these, they are not in my contacts and they are unidentified in any obvious way.

Normally, I do not answer any such calls, I check the caller ID or number and decide whether to answer. I have tried to check on these numbers using several internet sites that purport to list and publicize such scam phone call numbers of origin, but have not found the numbers calling me there.

I did answer one inadvertently and it purported to be from “the legal department of the CRA.” That is what I heard before hanging up.

My question is how the hell do these people get my number?

I gave up my landline for the same reason. I was getting robo calls all day every day.

Please let me know what is going on and what you are doing to protect your customers from this intrusive, possibly dangerous and illegal telephone activity by persons unknown.

Kaspar Pold


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