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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter: Educate, don’t mandate face masks

Dear editor:

Where would we, mere producers, be without our philosopher kings? I have been wearing a mask for weeks now, but alas, I should have known I could not be trusted to do this voluntarily.

So thank you, The Lake Report editorial (“Region fails on face masks,” July  16) – and, as I write this, town councillors – for making sure I do what’s right.  

I could not have come to the conclusion myself that wearing a mask is in my self-interest because I cannot live with unknowingly infecting others. I mean, I only wear a seatbelt for fear of getting a fine – not because I value my life. 

Not to question your wisdom but when punishing an individual for operating a vehicle while intoxicated is the onus not on the government to prove intoxication? Likewise, should not forcing someone to wear a mask place the onus on the government to prove that individual has COVID-19?

Let’s get real here. When arguing about the face mask mandate we need to follow science, “political” science. The government has no right to force me to wear a mask if it has no proof that I’m a threat to others. Yes, to do so would be an infringement on my inalienable rights.  

As someone who wears a mask, please do your part by respecting the right of private institutions to ask you to wear a mask on their premises and by encouraging others to wear masks by directing them to scientific literature. 

While we use force to stop people from doing what’s wrong, we need to educate – not force – people to do what’s right. 

One mere producer,

Alexander Evans 


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