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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter: Region meeting totally unproductive

Dear editor:

Holy macaroni Batman, what is going down here?

Granted a juvenile expression, but on the other hand Niagara regional council does not seem to know what the other hand is doing.

Firstly, thank you for the insightful report and summation as per the region's 4.5-hour meeting debating making face masks mandatory, (“Region fails on face masks,” editorial, July 16). I would not really be aware of it were it not for your printed report.

Now I am not out to hurt people's feelings, and or put them off, them being both the regional and NOTL town councils.

But (nothing like that famous word), but after faithfully reading your newspaper, along with others, of course, ya gotta be kidding.

My background is in the corporate world and this nonsense would not be tolerated in a corporate boardroom by the participants at hand. And four and one half hours for a non-productive meeting? We would have accomplished an IPO,  a takeover, a complete financing, so to speak, in less than that time.

Our meetings were totally productive. It is the real world, it is business.

One should note that in the United States the presidents who did well had over 50 per cent of their people at the table from the business world. For example, Eisenhower had 57 per cent, Reagan 56 per cent, Obama 8 per cent and Trump 90 per cent.

Summation:  a bit of odd nonsense is taking place at both councils. Our lord mayor is doing a fine executive job under stressful times (despite some tense times with some councillors), while regional  councillors, well, could they not do better at their specific jobs as per your editorial?

These positions are not to be taken lightly. They are responsible levels of government in our democratic society. These folks should be putting out in a professional manner for the people of Niagara Region.

Keith Bullen 


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