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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Letter: I don’t support mandatory masking

Dear editor:

I suppose my sentiments as a NOTL resident are a moot point when council has already voted in favour of forced masks.

Over last few weeks, masks have become highly politicized and a polarizing focal point of safety.

Over the months, the news has repeatedly reported that masks are a third line of defence against COVID-19. The first line being hand-washing (sanitization), and second, distancing.

I understand why certain establishments feel masking is a high priority (e.g. an optometrist; hair salons). But, to say all businesses are the same and to enforce draconian measures that demand citizens cover most of their face (until November in some regions), makes the mandate rather unpleasant to digest.

Has anyone considered that forced masking deters happy shoppers and therefore economic growth?

Masks simply strip the pleasure from buying. Most people purchase retail items as a respite activity. I believe the whole enforcement makes customers uncomfortable and disincentivizes patrons from visiting small businesses – especially in a high tourist area.

I commend distancing and sanitization, but I cannot support mandatory masking. It's simply too controlling of our government to enforce masks and I am concerned at how complacent Canadians are over it.

Personally, I will not be making any purchases that are not essential until the forced masking goes away. The upside is I'll have a lot more money in my pocket.

Katherine Hatherly