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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Letter: Reluctant Canadian snowbirds could hurt Trump’s re-election bid

Dear editor:

Florida has long been recognized as a must-win battleground state to win the U.S. presidency and synonymous with the importance of a win is the health of the state's economy.

Remember Jim Carville, nicknamed “The Ragin Cajun,” the campaign manager and chief strategist for Bill Clinton, and his famous quote, “It's the economy, stupid.”

Accordingly, the Florida and Arizona (another closely contested state ) economies will be negatively impacted to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars by the severe drop in snowbird tourism. Florida has a higher concentration of snowbirds than any other state.

Canadians, as are residents of other world countries, are viewing staycations as a safer vacation option, as is evident by the skyrocketing RV sales and rentals. 

Canadian may have the last laugh at President Donald Trump in November for his attempt to strong-arm the 3M company from shipping masks to Canada during a critical phase in the COVID-19 crisis.

Samuel Young