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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: ‘Devasted’ Ford has gutted protections for vulnerable

Dear editor:

Perhaps you have spared yourself the ordeal of daily news presentations. 

Then you have not seen the public face of Premier Doug Ford who is “devastated” by the virus rampage in our long-term care homes, the ones he had excused from unannounced and rigorous inspections.

Coincidently, he is gutting the human rights tribunal system and reduced by half the number of Landlord and Tenant Act adjudicators, designed as a “last defence against avarice, caprice, and malice.” The social benefits tribunal adjudicators also have been halved, from 22 to 11.

The court system is too slow and too expensive for those in desperate need of help in their pursuit of justice. Thus the tribunals. 

We hear that the coronavirus is a game changer, that it has exposed the systemic injustices inflicted on the vulnerable many by the entitled few. 

Are we, as a consequence, on the threshold of long needed reforms? 

Clearly, not in Ontario.

David Lailey