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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter: Politicians can’t be playing politics during pandemic

Dear editor:

I am sure I am not alone in finding the contradiction in letters to the editor last week supporting political leaders and specifically the mayor, while the same paper reports on Lord Mayor Betty Disero expressing her criticism of the provincial leaders.

I think all the political and medical experts are doing their best, and most are well-qualified for their roles.

These are tough times and leaders at all levels need our support as they break new ground trying to protect us all.

Neither I nor anybody I know will agree with every decision and or the timing on those decisions, but we do need to acknowledge these are not easy calls for anybody involved.

However, I do wonder whether our lord mayor had the same high level medical opinions and full data utilized by our provincial leaders in their provincewide decision-making that she is critical of. 

Having said that, she has a variety of tools available to slow the pace of opening in our town.

If she is truly concerned, I would expect to see actions to back the words and opinions expressed. For the sake of our citizens and our local businesses I truly hope she and town council get it right.

So long as the lord mayor does her best both the she and council will have my full support. The same applies to regional and provincial leaders.

The one thing I will not support is politicians playing politics when they need to work together. Hopefully it does not come to that in our town, region and province.

So far I am optimistic that our leaders will not lose focus. I thank them all for their long hours and hard work.

Stay civil, stay focused and stay safe.

Mike Macdonald

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