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Thursday, June 20, 2024
COVID-19: Letter: Kudos to PC Express team at Phil’s Valu-mart

Dear editor:

I’d like to give a well-done to the PC Express team at Phil’s Valu-mart in Virgil for their excellent service during these challenging times.

Especially in the first weeks of “lockdown” — with panic buying, supply chain issues and uncertainty rampant – I’m betting everyone in their delivery chain did not have an easy time of it.

But they still managed to stay cheerful and welcoming while hauling heavy loads out to my car, rain or shine. After a couple weeks, Mike and I were chatting like old pals (while the rear lift gate was open).

For anyone who has not tried PC Express, I recommend giving the service a try. It’s easy and it works great, at Phil’s anyway (I haven’t used it anywhere else).

Tip: If there’s something you need that you know the store carries but it's not on the online menu, there’s a place to add a note. Worked for postage stamps.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to extend a shoutout to Coun. Norm Arsenault for cheerily picking up our first grocery order while we were in 14-day stay-at-home isolation after returning from Florida in late March. Merci mon chum.

Larry Mantle


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