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Thursday, June 20, 2024
COVID-19: Letter: Disappointed so few people wearing masks, gloves

Dear editor:

On Sunday afternoon, I went downtown to pick up some groceries in Old Town. I saw at least 25 people, both in and out of the store. Most, I am sure, were locals.

I was the only one wearing a mask and gloves. Though I always feel ridiculous, I am wearing this garb primarily to protect others.

Scientists agree that a surgeon’s mask such as I wear (as opposed to an N95) will not provide much protection from COVID-19. But it is very effective in preventing me from passing on the virus to others, should I be infected.

Granted, most I encountered were unfailingly polite regarding social distancing. But no mask or gloves.

Consider that if we all wear masks and gloves, the chances of it spreading will be even more dramatically decreased. And remember, being asymptomatic doesn’t mean you are free and clear or don’t need protective garb.

It only means you are even more deadly to those around you.

So, please wear a mask and gloves when you expect to encounter other people in a closed environment. If it helps to imagine yourself as the Green Hornet or the Lone Ranger, be my guest. We can all feel ridiculous together.

See you back at the hideout.

J. Richard Wright


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