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Letter: Stand up for yourself and educate offenders

Dear editor:

Re: Yvonne Bredow's story, “Racist attitudes a common occurrence,” (The Lake Report, April 16):

I'm a minority, of sorts, in that I'm from a foreign country (America) that is often denigrated in front of me. However, I don't stay silent or slink away; I give as good as I get (with a smile on my face).

Standing up for yourself or a belief, isn't mean-spirited. You'll feel better about yourself and help educate others to sensitive feelings they thoughtlessly don't comprehend. 

As for coming to NOTL with the preconceived notion that everyone here is a perfect person, well, that seems like a somewhat naive assumption that I'm sure you regret. There aren't any perfect places or perfect residents. Tolerance is a learned characteristic of humans, not innate; try to think of yourself as a teacher in this regard, not exclusively a victim.

If I lost a job (which has happened), the first thing I would want to know is why, and not decide the reason for myself. There are many unrelated reasons why this happens.

At Niagara College, arguably a very tolerant and progressive school, people are fired in a more subtle way. If they want to get rid of, say, an assistant director, they eliminate the job title – then no more job exists for an assistant director and the person will leave with no recourse. 

I will say I'm sorry for the emotional distress these events can cause. Hopefully you won't obsess about it or it might make you a bitter person.

Try to get over it and focus on the people who consider you their friend. Hopefully we will meet some time and become friends.

Dr. Wade Taylor Davis


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