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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Letter: We all need to work together now

Dear editor:

I am a recent traveller and I quarantined for 14 days. Never took a step out of my yard.

Friends and family provided food and necessities where possible, thank goodness.

It certainly was not easy, as many of you who did not travel busied yourselves emptying out the stores of all necessities, medicines and many food staples.

As I now head out post-quarantine I am not able to limit my exposure as I travel from store to store to find items like chicken, eggs and, yes, toilet paper.

Any thoughts of protective items like antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer or Lysol spray are similar to buying a unicorn; just not possible!

As I shop, I am constantly amazed at the dedicated employees exposing themselves to provide me with groceries and medicines.

I wonder how they do it as so many shoppers completely ignore social distancing guidelines.

My experience has been seniors are the worst offenders, constantly violating personal space as if age meant rules did not apply to them.

My point is that by far most snowbirds obey the rules, most people did not hoard and most seniors are being careful and self-isolating. But some are not.

The visceral anger at idiots who violate the rules, laws and guidelines need not be directed entirely at snowbirds. There is no shortage of idiots and it is hard to fix stupid!

So, let's balance the reporting, acknowledge the majority who are making a difference, and rightly condemn those who put the rest of us at risk.

Regardless of which rules are being violated we need everybody pulling together.

Mike Macdonald