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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Remind people how to prevent COVID-19 spread

Dear editor:

No disrespect but the many stories about COVID-19 become a blur. We see it on the national news day after day, on CNN all day long, but we need to remind people that prevention is most important.

I suggest all the papers, including yours, publish on the front page in bold (with no other stories) a point form list of what people need to do. This should be updated done every week.

The following are my guesses regarding the important first steps, but I am not a health care worker.

* Stay home: You might feel well, but you could be a carrier.

* Stay home if you feel at all sick.

*  Whenever you are out, wear a mask.

* When out, be  sure you have facial tissues so you can cough or sneeze into one (top recommendation by Centers for Disease Control).

* Wash your hands often.

* Wipe down surfaces you touch, including: your car door handle, steering wheel, shifter knob, home door handles, you mobile phone, computer keyboard, etc.

* Wear disposable gloves and dispose of them often, and properly.

Stay as safe as you can – your health and the health of others is at risk.

William Hargreaves