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Friday, September 30, 2022
Letter: Go home and just stay there

Dear editor:

I am writing as a NOTL resident who has been in self-isolation for the last three weeks and has gone out only for groceries.

I would like to be able to say I was shocked when I read the letters and stories in The Lake Report of people choosing not to isolate or about the suntanned friends embracing at a local retailer even in the midst of a pandemic that is killing people every day – but, unfortunately, I am not. 

What is more gut-wrenching than this incredibly serious situation is the sheer lack of respect for humanity and the complete and total ignorance to this virus and the detrimental effects it is having on individuals, families, the economy, health care, our government, education – life!

This virus will not stop if we do not help flatten the curve. The people who are most at risk – the elderly – will continue to die. Plain and simple.

Do you feel good about the fact that you are contributing to the decline in health (and possible death) of some of the same people who fought for our countries through war? The same people who protested injustices and have allowed us to live in the free country we live in today?  

Do you realize that there are families who will no longer be able to provide their children with the same lifestyle because their businesses have closed and their savings have been depleted?

Do you recognize that health care workers are at risk every day? That they have dedicated their lives to helping others and, in a time, when they are asking all of you for help you are failing them for your own selfish reasons?

Do you recognize that first responders are at risk every day? That they are dedicated to saving people’s lives and, in a time, when they need your help many of you are blatantly refusing for your own selfish reasons? 

Perhaps those of you who continue to go out and socialize and not self-isolate after returning from vacation, should ask an individual who has lived in a country tormented by civil war every day what it is like to really live under isolation.  Where fighting for your life isn’t an option but a necessity.

You should all be spoken to like misbehaved children. Shame on you, go to your rooms and stay there until you realize what you’ve done.

For those of you who are doing their part to flatten to the curve (and I know there are many of you) – a genuine thank you.  Due to your efforts, this will eventually be over and, in one way or another, you will be rewarded.

Jessica Criveller-Meffe

St. Davids