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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Letter: Safe at home after 30-hour flight

Dear editor:

We have read some wonderful stories of people getting home safely to NOTL as the virus risk intensified around the world.

Our daughter had been in Australia since last October and was visiting Bali when the cases of the virus were dramatically rising globally.

My wife worked diligently to rebook flights and after a long, 30-hour flight, Darcy arrived home safely.

Although she is now in quarantine for 14 days, we all are so happy to have her home and to live in a community that has taken the threats of this virus so seriously.

I also applaud The Lake Report for your relevant reporting of the issues.

We know local news has been replaced in recent years to focus attention and resources to more national / global reporting.

During these times, it’s so comforting to have access to local news that provides such important insights to our community.

I have no doubt, we will be an even better town on the other side. Be well, everyone.

Glenn Young