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Monday, September 25, 2023
Letter: Could old NOTL hospital be used during pandemic?

Dear editor:

I am a local artist and 40-year resident of town. I’ve never been a letter to the editor kind of guy, but today I need to write. I have a show of paintings hung in the library that was recently closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I agree with this totally. Our community’s well-being deserves priority. Thanks to the folks who saw my stuff and have been generous with their comments.

What motivates are the pursuit of social justice and the preservation of the natural world. Normally, I use paint and wood to convey my thoughts as I am not a particularly articulate person. Today I will try.

Any politician who feels that people who work in the service industry aren’t worth a living wage should have seen how hard the cashiers were working on my trip to the grocery store. They deserve our praise and support.

Some of our seasonal workers are back and should any of them become ill they deserve the best care and support available. They live in dorms and do their weekly shopping on crowded buses, conditions that are OK in normal times, but not today.

Some could become ill and given their importance to our town we are obliged to do well by them.

While supporting a friend, I saw first-hand recently just how crowded our health system already is. It will be hard-pressed to deal with what is ahead.

We have a decommissioned hospital and elementary school that could be put to good use for people who require isolation.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you

Joe Favro



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