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Niagara Falls
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Editorial: Kudos to council on climate crisis

Congratulations to town council for declaring a climate emergency on Monday.

It’s good to see that our elected officials recognize the advice of the world’s top scientists that yes, climate change is real, caused by humans, and something needs to give for our planet’s sake. And kudos to young NOTL activists Hazel Norris and Molly Shara for helping drive home the message.

Even economists at JP Morgan (no bastion of socialist thought) have warned that human-caused climate change has put the planet on an unsustainable trajectory, and that climate policy must change, or Earth will face irreversible consequences.

Without change, the climate crisis will impact the global economy, the survival of species on Earth, including humans, among other issues like water stress.

We may only be a small town, but every bit helps. Now it’s up to us to heed the message of our town and take steps to become more eco-conscious.  


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