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Letter: Meghan and Harry critique was mean-spirited

Dear editor:

Upon reading Samuel Young’s letter in the Jan. 16 issue of the Lake Report (“Reflections on Meghan and Prince Harry”), I feel obliged to respond to such a mean-spirited view of Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave Britain on a semi-permanent basis.

Perhaps Mr. Young should investigate the state of British print and TV media. Aside from the Manchester Gaurdian, there seems to be not a single outlet that is interested in accurate reporting and instead favours sensationalist opinions that are presented as facts in the paparazzi style so loved by many present-day news outlets.

The media outlets, together, have manufactured several vitriolic stories about Meghan Markle, which would encourage a quick departure from Britain.

Our celebrity culture encourages readers such as Mr. Young to believe that he intimately knows the subjects of which he speaks and therefore presumes to understand all the reasons for the decision of Meghan and Harry to leave their royal appointments.

Perhaps empathy rather than criticism might be a more worthwhile approach by Mr. Young and others, given how little is known as to why the couple has decided to leave Britain.

Michael Eagen


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