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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter: We’ve been here 40 years, long before noisy bird cannons came to town

Dear editor:

In response to the letter submitted by Bill Cochrane Sr. last week (“I am OK with bird cannons”), I would say the following.

It is interesting that whoever opposes explosive noise for months on end is assumed to have newly arrived from the GTA, and you now wish us to choose between the explosive noise from propane cannons every three to five minutes all day long, or the noise from gunfire in the GTA.

You suggest that we get on a bus and travel back to where we came from so we can enjoy the sound of real gunfire.

Thanks for the offer of a bus ride, but when we arrive over there we wouldn’t know anyone.

We have lived on our property here for 40 years and have no connections to the GTA.

My wife came here as a child in 1961 and her parents operated a tree fruit farm on York Road, where the current Baker Estate Vineyards is now established.

We pre-date their cannon use by 37 years. It was a quiet and enjoyable place to live back then.

I am reminded of the old saying, “Silence is golden,” and reject having to choose between the explosive noise of gunfire and the explosive noise from propane-fired cannon percussions reverberating off of my closed windows.

We have a right to the quiet enjoyment of our property, and that human right and our property rights are being violated by what the Bakers and other growers are being allowed to do.

Jim and Irene Fisher


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