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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Letter: Trudeau has not accomplished his promises

Dear editor:

By the time you receive this response to the ludicrous letter to the editor from Elizabeth Oliver-Malone (“Attacks on Trudeau are more Conservative misinformation,” Oct. 17) the election will be over, but nonetheless a response is required.

Opposing opinions should always be welcomed, but this letter writer displays a blind bias and denial of fact.

I have no idea why Pierre Trudeau’s alleged accomplishments or Justin Trudea’s mother’s academic accomplishments have anything to do with whether Justin Trudeau has been a successful prime minister deserving of re-election. 

To state that Justin Trudeau has accomplished “most of his promises” is hardly a ringing endorsement of his tenure in office.

What prompted me to write this, however, was the writer’s statement that the CBC is “non-partisan.” 

It is, of course, the Liberals who shovel more than $1 billion annually to support the “non-partisan CBC” and, by the way, all Canadians of every political stripe wish for peace and prosperity, not just Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Allan Papernick