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Letter: NOTLers loved the Snowbirds and Lake Reports coverage

Dear editor:

I have always been a fan of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

As the treasurer of the Niagara Historical Society & Museum, I knew we needed a great event to help with our fundraising in 2019.

I built a team of the best organizers with the theme Engaging The Community to inspire our decisions.

The planning started in April 2018. After 3,000 hours of work by committee members, the weather co-operated on Sept. 11 and we had a very successful event.

Local schoolchildren got an up-close and personal view of the Snowbirds and their Tutor jets, VIP patrons enjoyed their private space, and everyone on-site that day at Niagara District Airport felt a little more Canadian as the Geronimo! skydivers displayed our flag during their descent while the national anthem played.

And then it was show time.

The march out by pilots and technicians, the firing of the engines – the crowd was mesmerized by the Snowbirds’ performance.

The next day, after all evidence of the event was erased, we had our memories, and the most amazing coverage from The Lake Report to allow us to relive these incredible moments. A special thank you goes to reporters Brittany Carter and Dariya Baiguzhiyeva, and their support team for their fantastic coverage.

On the ground, the stars of the show were the volunteers. 

Thank you to the incredible team of 23 people who were instrumental in making this event successful and memorable.

Thank you also to the 65 volunteers who helped out the day of the show. And a very special thank you to the entire Niagara District Airport staff, led by CEO Dan Pilon and airport manager Cliff Reinhart, who were the best partners to work with.

Mona T. Babin

Event chair
NOTL Snowbirds

Niagara Historical
Society & Museum

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