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Letter: Weve all had it with these ignorant protests

Dear editor:

I am 100 per cent in agreement with Richard Harley’s Sept. 12 editorial, “Enough is enough,” regarding ongoing protests by a Niagara anti-horse carriage group.

I have had it with these fringe groups harassing our town residents, our business operations – and the police unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Now they’ve been joined by another fringe group of losers from Toronto, the Anonymous for the Voiceless vegans, to try to harass and intimidate the local population, until a possible physical altercation?

Targeting the Royal Canadian Legion’s pig roast … really??!!

Everyone has about had it with these ignorant protests, which is what they want, of course.

Is not this kind of thing harassment, or blowing a loud megaphone in someone’s face an assault, sticking a sign in a horse’s face hoping to spook the animal, or using their cars as a form of intimidation … dangerous driving, against the criminal code?

Let’s get some legal action going to get a restraining order against these groups. As a previous letter writer said, the town found the money to finance the court proceedings against the Randwood development threatening our heritage, is this also not what this group of fanatics are trying to do also?   


Earle Vance


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