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Letter: Trudeau critique was full of propaganda

Dear editor:

George Warkentin’s letter to the editor, “Not a fan of Justin Trudeau,” (Sept. 5), was full of propaganda against the prime minister and included a combination of selective excerpts and misrepresentations. This is similar to the behaviour of far-right hate mongers and U.S. President Donald Trump when he tweets.

I have a few rebuttals:

1. Balancing the budget: Our federal deficit to GDP ratio is medium compared to other OECD countries.

2. Aga Khan and SNC Lavalin: No broken laws. I trust Trudeau lobbied Aga Khan’s peaceful, Canadian Ismaili Shia Muslims to increase their pressure against genocidal Shia Syrians and Shia-Sunni wars.

3. New justice minister bowed to pressure and ordered guilty (2001-2011) SNC Lavalin to trial. Multi millions in fines, same for DPA as trial, but the company can’t bid on government contracts – so it could leave Canada .

4. $10.5 million to Omar Khadr: Our independent judiciary ordered compensation for the unlawful U.S. jailing and torture of the Canadian teen soldier during the Afghan War.

5. Trudeau owned up to the mistake inviting Canadian Sikh found guilty of attempted murder to dinner in India and costuming error.

6. Many Muslims, Haitians and other “illegals” rushed our border because Trump persecuted them. It is now better controlled.

7. Planned Parenthood services have been rationed by Trump under pressure from hateful, un-Christian “evangelicals.”

8. Dictatorship is not desirable but it can be more efficient. Communists and fascists are increasing around the world. It is difficult to negotiate between our two largest trading partners – USA and China. Both are pursuing 5C capitalism i.e. conservative, competitive, capitalistic commerce, at all cost. Beijing is worse – increasingly sadistic, ignoring the UN, and Canadian and international law – and fighting the USA to see who can buy up Canada. I think Trudeau and MPs and cabinet ministers (especially women like Freeland, McKenna, Bennett etc.) are doing a good job fighting for democracy and fairness for all with kindness.

I hope our new government will reverse the increased wage gap due to 5C and work to prevent and treat global warming.

Elizabeth Oliver-Malone


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