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Letter: Excellent story on history of flying in NOTL

Dear editor:

Congratulations to Denise Ascenzo for her excellent report, (“90 years of flying in NOTL,” The Lake Report, Sept. 5), about the history of aviation in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

It contained lots of good, worthwhile detail and was nicely researched. Keep up this level of reporting.

If you or your readers have time, see if you can get these two books from the public library: Air Transport in Canada and Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years.

There you can use the indexes to find quite a few other Niagara Region aviation events.

For example, did you know that Max Ward (founder of Ward Air) instructed during the war at the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan flying school near St. Catharines?


Larry Milberry


Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame

Publisher, CANAV Books

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