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Letter to the editor: Fixed: After two years, weed-plagued area has been cleaned up


Dear editor: 

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that, finally, after two years, the weeding of the landscaping on Four Mile Creek Road near my home has been completed, (“Fix It: Will someone at Town of NOTL please solve this weed problem,” letter to the editor, The Lake Report, Aug. 15).

I heard from a neighbour that the pond on the corner of Line 9 and Concession 3 Road was also cleaned up, but there remains a very unpleasant odour, which needs to be attended to.

On Thursday, Aug. 15, on my daily dog walk I was greeted by the wonderful sight of a young woman with a big truck and a shovel removing weeds.  The truck was from Dawland Construction and Landscaping.  The young woman was not able to tell me who had authorized the work, only that Dawland Construction had been contracted to do the job.

I have requested from my contact at the Town of NOTL that someone tell me who authorized the job, the town, the Region of Niagara or the developer.

I certainly do not want to go through this challenge again in 2020 and make it an annual event.

Patricia Gregoire

St. Davids

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