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Letter to the editor: Allow overnight parking and approve Queenston winery application


The following letter was sent to members of NOTL council. A copy was submitted to The Lake Report for publication.

Dear editor:

We are writing regarding the debates described in the local papers about whether the Queenston Mile Winery “should or should not be changed into a estate winery.”

We feel that some councillors and town restaurant owners Maria Mavridis and Ravine Winery have been unfair in trying to block Queenston Mile Winery’s application to serve food to complement their wine tasting, which is supported by many others.

There is enough demand for this type of service to support this application, so please let the sun shine for everyone ond not just for the few who got established earlier.

For example, we know of people who tried to book a wedding or some other event at one of the wineries, only to be told that they should have booked more then a year ahead. This means that there is pleanty of demand to have more  wineries hosting events.

The owner of the two restaurants on Queen Street is complaining that they may lose business to the new winery. People who chose to eat at the winery are not the same clientele that would eat in town.

If the restaurant business was so limited she would not own two restaurants on the same street. In any case, a little competition never hurt anyone and it favours consumers. 

Perhaps the only good suggestion for Queenston Mile Winery is to have the winery entrance from the side street. 

Re: the overnight parking ban: We very much hope that the “no parking between 2 and 6 a.m.” bylaw gets abolished.

This may make sense in the winter with the snow clearing operation going on, but is it really necessary? How much snow do we get in NOTL? Can we not have a little bit more flexibility and let the residents of NOTL live their lives happily without so much interference? 


Edgar and Maria Morriss


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