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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: Speeding and unsafe intersections around Niagara-on-the-Lake


Dear editor:

I am writing in regard to the letter, “Cycling tourists are an accident waiting to happen,” July 11.

While I could not agree more about the hazardous cycling which goes on in our “not-so-little town,” I have come to realize that we have other important safety issues as well and these are not directly due to the visitor influx. 

Speeding is a big problem around town and needs to be addressed. More specifically there are some particular locations where there are bound to be some potentially lethal accidents. 

I am speaking of the entrance/exit to the community centre. What will it take before we have a traffic light there?

This would not only help slow down the speed between Garrison Village and Queen Street but would make crossing Mississagua less hazardous. There is no pedestrian crossing until Mary Street and too many pedestrians, cyclists and cars dash across unsafely. 

The turn from Queen to Mississagua is another accident waiting to happen. An all-way stop might remedy the problem. 

I am sure there are other spots that your vigilant readers could name. 

The increase in numbers that occurs each summer only makes these issues more compelling to address.

Sheila Doyle


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