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Letter to the editor: Let’s share the road: Cyclists are humans, too


Dear editor:

I want to comment about last week’s letter on very dangerous cyclists, “Cycling tourists are an accident waiting to happen.”

The driver clearly doesn’t get the concept of Share The Road. Both drivers and cyclists are entitled to use the road. And if there isn’t a cycling lane on a road, it’s the cyclists’ fault? 

Also, the wearing of helmets isn’t mandatory. It’s not a legal requirement — only for kids under a certain age.

As for riding two abreast, don’t get me started. It’s not illegal to ride two abreast and we have a new law here for a minimum passing distance. It’s hard to enforce, but it should ensure that when a driver hits a cyclist, they were driving too close. 

The reason for that law is to allow cyclists to weave to avoid objects, holes, etc. on the road and not be hit by drivers.

I’m not saying all cyclists are angels, but it takes attitude shift on both sides to create change.

Frank Hayes


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