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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: How much tourism is enough?


Dear editor:

Re: “Don’t fear new ideas, like corporate branding,” July 4.

Here is a new idea: let’s consider the residents, taxpayers and citizens when discussing the growth of tourism. 

The owners of tourism-related businesses benefit from increased investment and growth, but do the taxes they pay even offset the additional infrastructure cost and maintenance? New jobs are important, but how many of the tourism-related jobs are filled by people who live here? 

Is bigger always better? What would reaping “millions by working with corporate brands” do for our day-to-day quality of life?

I think most people just want to live in a community where you know your neighbour – rather than wondering who your new neighbour will be every weekend. 

I think most people are happy to share the town with the tourists, but how much is enough? Where does it stop? Wouldn’t we rather a livable town than to  “remain current in world events.”

I am not afraid of anything, I just don’t agree that more tourism makes it a better town to live in.

Don Stewart


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