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Letter to the editor: Corporate branding a bad idea for NOTL attractions


Dear editor:

I just read a letter from reader Glenn Young (NOTL could reap millions by working with corporate brands) in The Lake Report, June 6, suggesting that our town explore and exploit more corporate branding opportunities in Niagara-on-the-Lake, “to make the town great!”

With no offence intended to Mr. Young, that is one of the worst ideas I have heard floated in years. The inherent dangers of planting such a seed are legion for a town that makes its living off its historical architecture and artistic offerings. 

I would suspect that though such an idea might start off in good taste, and be limited in scope to certain events, the seduction of the almighty dollar would soon override these limits and it wouldn’t be long before there would be signs all over NOTL carrying advertising messages such as: The Air Canada St. Mark’s Worship Centre. Or, St. Andrew’s by Gillette. How about The Ted Rogers Shaw Festival. And, the Peach Festival brought to you by Monsanto. 

We could also pepper the Community Centre, the Old Town Hall, the Queen’s Royal Park Gazebo, the Voices of Freedom Park, and Fort George (look at all the space on those walls!!) with banners advertising everything from dog food to cordless drills to hygiene products.

Finally, next year’s town budget could include money for hats for all residents that read: Make NOTL Great Again. They should be orange in colour, of course, as a polite nod to someone who appears to value money above all else in life. 

J. Richard Wright


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