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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: NOTL could reap millions by working with corporate brands


Dear editor:

I read The Lake Report’s editorial last week, The good – no bad, no ugly.

Although I agree with the yea’s you identified, we should also consider the opportunities that are being missed to make our town great!

The town, the Chamber of Commerce, even some of our valued assets (like the Shaw Festival) are missing opportunities to work with national brands, desperately looking for ways to activate in our market.

There are some terrific examples of municipalities working with brands that provide funding to elevate new and existing amenities for residents.

A number of towns and cities are realizing their assets have a marketable value to brands and are selling sponsorships, advertising, naming rights and partnerships to local, regional and national corporations.

The Town of Pickering collected $16 million from corporate sponsors to build and develop new assets for the community, including a new central library.

As someone who was responsible for bringing a major televised golf event, the Telus Skins Game, to NOTL a few years ago, which generated over $10 million in revenue and global media exposure (on CNN), I know that brands are willing to invest in this market with the right partners.

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and others need to recognize the opportunities and funding available and take a sophisticated approach to corporate partnerships.

Imagine with the right partners what additional assets we can build and refurbish for our community. 

Glenn Young


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