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Letter to the editor: Defence of Tory MPP was fact-free political rhetoric


Dear editor:

I was unhappy to read Neil Tokar’s May 16 letter to the editor “A liberal defence of Tory Sam Oosterhof” because it is a perfect example of the kind of emotionally charged but fact-free political rhetoric that unfortunately pollutes modern political discussion.

Contrary to Mr. Tokar’s letter, nobody called MPP Sam Oosterhof a “Nazi” because of his views about abortion – as a simple Google search would have easily revealed.

Contrary to Mr. Tokar’s letter, International Women’s Day did NOT originate in the Soviet Union, but in 1909 in the United States – as a simple Google search would have easily revealed. https://www.un.org/en/events/womensday/history.shtml

Mr. Tokar seems to feel that the use of hyperbole and bogus “facts” are allowable tools for whipping up some extra political drama. But, in my opinion, this view is short-sighted.

“Gresham’s Law” states that “bad money drives good money out of the marketplace.”

“Wilson’s Law” states that “fact-free political arguments drive factual ones out of the marketplace of ideas.”

James Wilson


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