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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Letter to the editor:What an amazing town we live in


Dear editor:

I have lived in NOTL for five years now and am so proud of the town we chose for our retirement.

When Betty Disero asked me to join the Voices of Freedom Park committee I had no idea what to expect.

Then John Hawley asked me to fundraise in a town where we were newcomers. 

I am totally blown away by the warm response I received from the people I met on this adventure.

Over 100 donors welcomed the opportunity to support the park, including many local residents and businesses with their cash and in-kind donations, and each of them has been sent a certificate thanking them for their donation.

As well, 27 major donors stepped forward, along with the couple who gave up their weekly fish fry dinner, to give to the park.

The town, the region and the province all chipped in and then our federal government matched a majority of the individual donations to make the park a reality.

What a wonderful Town we live in and what a great group of people we have to make things happen in NOTL.

Thank you all.

Paul Hancock


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