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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: Short-term visitors are vital to NOTLs economy


Dear Editor:

Do we not want tourists coming to NOTL?

I agree that local bylaws should be followed and all short-term rentals should adhere to fire and safety regulations.

I don’t agree that all short-term rentals should be owner-occupied. There are over 100 homes licensed as cottages in NOTL. That brings a lot of tourist dollars to the area.

My wife and I are the owners of Niagara Holiday Rentals. We manage 25 short-term rentals in Old Town. We also own a B&B in Old Town. 

Not everyone wants to host guests in their home, and many guests want the privacy and the chance to experience the town as a local.

Having access to the entire home allows someone to sit on the front porch, purchase food from a local farm stand, use the barbecue and cook a local meal.

Only allowing hosted properties (bed and breakfasts) would exclude families and many people from coming and experiencing the town and the history. And that would take away a lot of tourist dollars from NOTL’s economy.

Jason Clements


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