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Letter to the editor: Column was demeaning attack on Doug Ford


Dear Editor:

I was disappointed but not surprised when managing editor Kevin MacLean’s opinion piece (Stand up for libraries. And education. And public health, April 25) turned from love of libraries to what appears to be a very personal and demeaning article on Premier Doug Ford.

I imagine the opinion will play well among our liberal elites as it touches on all the right buttons. Writing that living within our means is “an admirable sentiment” was the first hint that balancing our provincial budget is not a real issue, but just an ideal to be discussed and not acted upon.

I thought the real tone was set when Mr. MacLean mocked the premier’s pronunciation, a class move for a paper seeking to reflect the highest degree of journalistic integrity.

That was followed by defining Ford’s intent as “showing antipathy and disregard for those who read …”

I am not sure why you feel the premier has antipathy for those who read, but then again why should imaginary motives be explained in an “opinion” piece. The opinion goes on to suggest any and all attempts to cut the deficit are evidence that the premier is “picking on” every single area where cuts are suggested.

Truly solving our massive deficit is an admirable sentiment that apparently must be resisted by everybody. Every program is sacred and there must never be any hardship or reduction in service.

I respect those that have different views, but I truly only see financial hardship ahead if the real debt issues are kicked down the road again.

You can disagree with policies but personal attacks and smearing character do not really advance the debate. Then again, advancing solutions was clearly not the opinion article’s intent.


Michael Macdonald


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