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Monday, April 15, 2024
Letter to the editor: Sign petition to support Sentineal horse carriages


Dear Editor,

NOTL has a strong base of intelligent, proud and caring residents devoted to the preservation of historic sites, built heritage and elements that reflect calmer bygone days.

Compassionate hearts and minds concur that Sentineal horse and carriage rides are an intrinsic component of the heritage landscape, as it have been since the early 1990s.

Regarding the matter of safety, how much of a problem is it for drivers of vehicles that confront a horse and carriage to simply slow down to ensure safe passage for all? When driving in the Heritage District, they will be able to exit to a side street within about a minute.  

Plans are underway for a petition to town council to address issues of protests, provocation and harassment aimed toward the carriage business and staff and to ensure the long term continuance of Sentineal Carriages.

The petition will reflect active pacifism as opposed to passive or active activism. My horsing around is over … I implore every citizen to read the petition and use a pen. Every signature matters.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The petition is not active yet. Details on how to sign the petition will be included in the article when the information is available. Check back for updates.

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